Gotway MCM4 HS - 130Wh
  • Gotway MCM4 HS - 130Wh
  • Gotway MCM4 HS - 130Wh
  • Gotway MCM4 HS - 130Wh

Gotway MCM4 HS - 130Wh

SKU : Gotway_MCM4_130Wh_HS
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This is the basic version with low battery capacity. We do not recommend the purchase, unless you intend to upgrade after learning how to use it.

Gotway is a leading manufacturer of electric single-wheel.
We chose this brand because in our opinion offers the best ratio quality / price and good design.
Powerful motor, high quality and high capacity batteries: all this at a very competitive price. MCM4 is one oth best 14" electric unicycle of the year.
Dimension 440 mm x 380mm x 150mm (190 mm with open pedal)
Wheel size 14 inch - 3596mm
Pedal Height 10 cm
Pedal angle 7-10°
Temperature -10 to 40°
Battery Model Sony US18650NC1
Battery Lifespan 1000 cycles (charging/discharging battery)
Range 15km (70kg/20kmh at 20°)
Max climbing 25° with a 70kg rider/ full charge
Max load 120kg
Charger 67.2v,117.6w,1.75A
Battery capacity 130Wh
Charging duration 1h
Battery pack weight 1.2kg
Net Weight 12 kg
Gross Weight 15.5kg
Package dimension 48x26x62 cm
Temperature alarm 80°
Default pedal Tilt-back 19Km/h
Tilting alarm 45° right/left - 30° forward/backward (stop rotating)
Low Battery Protection <10% two beeps/sec <5% 2b/s and tilt-back pedal
Certificate CE,RoHS,MSDS,UN38.3,KC,FCC


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